Day Two Summary

The second day of THATCamp DHSoCal proved as rewarding as the first. I left with a long list of tools to test and try out, along with some very smart strategies for implementation in teaching and research.

We left invigorated to continue the conversation, both virtually and online. If we captured your email in registration, watch for an invitation to join the DHSoCal email list. This will keep you updated on the latests in the DHSoCal regional network.

Session Summaries

Liz Losh presented on FemTechNet

Share, Play, Remix: a show and tell of cool digital tools and our uses of these tools.

Assessing Digital Projects

Creating Queer Spaces Online

Scalar powered ACLS Workbench

Topic Modelling

Closing Ideas

Great DH Projects and Resources Shared

Exemplary Topic Modelling Projects

Special issue of Journal of Digital Humanities on Topic Modelling

Article on Collaborative Peer Review

Collection of resources for Evaluating DH Practice