Phil Denman

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By day, I'm the Coordinator of Faculty Support and lead Instructional Designer at San Diego State University in Instructional Technology Services, where I facilitate the Course Design Institute, and specialize in the integration of technology into curriculum to protect academic integrity, increase student engagement, maximize teaching efficiency, and improve student learning outcomes.

By night, I'm an online educator and facilitator, instructional designer, and consultant in blended, hybrid, online, and mobile learning design; educational technology management, e-learning quality assurance, curriculum development, program assessment, multimedia production, and technical support and training.

I've also worked in various product development and marketing capacities related to online collaboration, social networking, music production, and video distribution applications. I'm highly entrepreneurial and have either started or been a part of dozens of bootstrapped projects over the years.

I'm really interested in getting back into product development at some point, but this time with a specific focus on improving the teaching and learning experience.